Hearthstone announces a new PVP mode, Wizard Duels

If you enjoyed the deckbuilding aspect of Dungeon Run, but wanted the thrill of victory that you can only get by beating another player, then Hearthstone’s new mode is for you. These Wizard Duels pit Scholomance Academy’s professors and luminaries against each other for some pretty high-powered fun.

• Archwitch Willow – Warlock
• Forest Warden Omu – Druid
• Infiltrator Lilian – Rogue
• Instructor Fireheart – Shaman
• Mindrender Illucia – Priest
• Mozaki, Master Duelist – Mage
• Professor Slate – Hunter
• Rattlegore – Warrior
• Star Student Stelina – Demon Hunter
• Turalyon, the Tenured – Paladin

The big difference between Duels and Dungeon Run, is that you build your starting deck from your own collection of cards. Season 1 will allow cards from Scholomance Academy, Curse of Naxxramas, One Night in Karazhan and Classic and Basic cards. Pick a Hero, their Hero Power and a treasure, then build a deck that has synergy with that.

If things go wrong, that isn’t the end. Just like Arena, players can lose three matches before that Duel run is over and you have to start again.

Duels will allow for friendly or competitive play. The one version can be played for free, letting you test your skills in a more relaxed environment. Then if you feel confident, buy a Tavern ticket and try Heroic Duels, and try to get some rewards.

Duels will be available on November 17, with those who pre-purchase Madness at the Darkmoon Faire cards able to try Duel from October 22 to November 11.

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