Opinion: Has Xbox done enough to make you leave PlayStation next-gen?

I do not own an Xbox One. In fact, I never have. I do own a PS4. And I love it. However, that does not mean I’m into the tribalistic console wars that too often rear their ugly head in toxic online debates. I’m all for people preferring one over the other… as long as that decision is based on a reason that goes beyond the childish and mostly substanceless “mine-is-bigger-than-yours” shouting-match we hear nowadays. Growing up I’ve actually owned consoles from both big companies and enjoyed both thoroughly. The 360 is still one of my most beloved consoles. And I almost bought an Xbox One S this generation – because it was just more affordable. However, a friend was upgrading to a new console and offered me his PS4 at a really enticing price and the rest, as they say, is history.

Microsoft did make a lot of mistakes early on in this current generation…

That being said, I know that around the world the PS4 has wildly outsold the Xbox One. And here in SA – we’re currently very much a ‘majority PlayStation nation’. And let’s be honest, Microsoft did make a lot of mistakes early on in this generation and Sony managed to produce a series of exclusive titles that simply blew the Xbox One out of the water. However, from what I’ve personally seen so far (and from many opinions I’ve heard from people in the know) Microsoft is doing a lot to change that for the upcoming generation.

A cheaper console – the Xbox Series S – available at launch. A huge library of backwards compatible games. xCloud functionality that makes games playable on mobile devices almost instantaneously. Apparently, the ‘most powerful console’ in the Series X. And probably the pièce de résistance… the simply incomparable Game Pass. And sure, especially after the Halo 4 delay – their exclusive lineup is pretty thin right now. But when you consider all the above, plus their recent studio purchases and particularly the acquisition of Bethesda – Xbox is definitely doing a heck of a lot to get our attention.

Xbox is definitely doing a heck of a lot to get our attention now.

So here’s the question… Have they? If you are currently an owner of a PS4 and are looking to purchase a new console from next month onwards… will you be crossing the Blue/Green divide? Has Xbox done enough to get you to ‘leave’ PlayStation next-gen? Whatever the answer we’d love to hear why or why not. So please let us know in the comments section below…

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