Netflix, YouTube and more coming to PS5’s ‘Media space’ at launch

Image Courtesy: PlayStation Blog

Okay, so it’s not the biggest surprise in the world, but it’s good to know that popular streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube will be available on the PS5. Plus, yesterday in a blog post, Sony confirmed that along with Netflix and YouTube, several other ‘media’ apps will be available at launch including Apple TV, Disney+, Twitch and Spotify. It was also mentioned that several others of this ever-growing list (namely “Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Hulu, [and] Peacock”) would also be available on the PS5 at a later stage.

While several of these services are not available to us in South Africa, it is pretty cool that Sony realises that most of us enjoy having the option of using our consoles for other entertainment purposes. It’s almost something we take for granted now – but remember the Switch still doesn’t have a Netflix app so go figure that one out…

Within the blog (And as previously shown), Sony also explains how the PS5 UI will differentiate between gaming and what they’re calling the ‘Media’ section. Allowing you to quickly browse your list of apps if you’re feeling like a more passive experience. And of course, they showed off their Media Remote (pictured above) which not only provides easy access to the bigger name apps, but also handy PS5 powerup, play, rewind and fast forward buttons and even the ability to control some functions for certain TVs. I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever really need to buy – but like I said it’s nice to get a confirmation that the Sony box will likely continue to also be the Netflix/YouTube box for many.

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