The first Ghost of Tsushima Legends raid arrives on October 30

Last week Ghost of Tsushima got the Legends update, which added co-op PVE locations to explore in the game. By this time next week, players will be gearing up and heading into the game’s first raid, meaning four players are required to battle through The Tale of Iyo.

“The Tale of Iyo will not support matchmaking, so you’ll need to arrange your team ahead of time and be ready to jump in together. You’ll want to have your gear at KI level 100 as an absolute minimum before you attempt to take on this challenge.

“To get Raid ready, we recommend finishing all Story missions, and replaying Story and Survival on higher difficulties to get higher level gear.”

Players can prep for the raid by taking part in weekly challenges, which refresh every Friday afternoon. The challenges involve a two-player story mission and a four–player survival mission. Those that can beat it on Nightmare Difficulty and complete all bonus objectives will get gear that should help in the upcoming raid.

More information about the specific patch here.

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