Several first-party games on PS4 have much quicker load times in new patches

If you hop on your PlayStation 4 right now, there are patches for The Last of Us: Remastered and Until Dawn that significantly speed up loading times.

TLOU can take just over a minute to get past the initial loading screen, and now with the latest patch, that load process takes 14 seconds. Until Dawn has also had a patch for load times, which has pretty much removed loading screens from the game because the loads are that quick.

Here is a handy comparison of the big difference that the patch has made:

Other first-party games have reduced loading times too. Whether this is due to the implementation of a new compression system in preparation for backwards compatibility is up for debate, but it does mean anyone not moving to a PS5 immediately won’t be left behind.

I mean, who wants to sit and watch a loading screen? No thanks.

Source: VGC

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