Super Mario 3D All-Stars will get inverted camera controls next month

Nintendo’s trilogy of everyone’s favourite plumber heading out into 3D has been in the wild for a month and if you ask anyone who played these older games on the Switch, the conversation invariably turns to camera controls.

Fans have been confused as to why inverted camera controls are not included by default, a feature that Super Mario Sunshine used many years back.

A patch is on the way that will change this. Patch 1.1.0 is aiming for a November 17 release and it will add in inverted camera controls as an option. There is no mention of what else is included in the patch.

So if you got 3D All-Stars and were put off by the camera controls, you should be able to head back next year. Or if you skipped it, maybe this is the final push you needed to pick up the collection of titles and live through Mario in 3D.

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