Sony reveals new trailer and announces new PlayStation App

Image Courtesy: PlayStation

New new new. That’s what it’s all about lately. With new Xbox Series Xs and PS5s already out in the wild, it’s just a matter of time before much of the planet gets their hands on the new consoles from the two big names. And Sony was apparently keen to add to the festivities yesterday not only revealing a new “global launch ad for PS5” (which you can have a look at below) but also introducing their revamped mobile App which enhances the link between your smart device and your PS4 or PS5.

The accompanying blog post from PlayStation breaks everything down rather nicely and we’d encourage you to check it out. You can also look at the video montage below. However, in short, the new App features an updated UI, a PlayStation news section, updated communication via messages integration and Voice (Party) chat, “natively integrated PlayStation Store and remote downloads” and a few extra PS5-specific features. It’s clear that the media frenzy around the new consoles is clearly heating up – so be ready for even more PS5 and Xbox Series news over the next few days.

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