World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands will arrive on November 24

Many fans of Blizzard’s MMORPG have been in a holding pattern for the last while, waiting for the next expansion to launch. Shadowlands was initially planned as an October release, before the developers decided that more time was required to make sure the various systems being introduced for the expansion would work smoothly and be fun to interact with.

Executive producer John Hight announced the new date on the Warcraft blog. “On behalf of the entire World of Warcraft team, I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank-you for your patience as we’ve continued to work on Shadowlands, and for all of the words of support after we made the tough decision to delay the game.

“We’d like to thank everyone across the WoW community who helped us get where we are today, including players levelling up new characters in the Shadowlands pre-patch (and keeping Azeroth’s barbers extra busy), as well as all the beta testers who continue to provide us with invaluable feedback on the expansion.

“Since we first told you about our decision to delay, we’ve used the time to further polish the expansion and shore up the endgame, including overhauling the combat and rewards in the Maw, and reworking the Covenant systems to make your choice more immediately impactful and have clearer long-term goals. Now the team is in a great position to get things the rest of the way to the finish line before November 23—and as always, we’re committed to working with you to improve the game for as long as you’re out there playing it.”

The Scourge will invade Azeroth on November 11, with a pre-expansion event giving players a chance to collect transmogs, pets and defend their favourite city or town from the Scourge.

Then on December 9 the first raid of Shadowlands will open. Castle Nathria is a 10-boss raid and this will signal season one of both the new PVP and Mythic Dungeon events.

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