Here’s some more gorgeous Demon’s Souls gameplay to hype up PS5

If you’re not excited about the next generation yet, them perhaps PlayStation 5 and Bluepoint Games can get your engine revving with some stunning gameplay for the upcoming PS5 launch title, Demon’s Souls.

The new gameplay trailer has the character square off against both the Armour Spider and the Flamelurker bosses found in Stonefang Tunnel. It shows off the incredible lighting effects of fire and shadows thanks to the much more powerful PS5 hardware. Other than that, there’s not more than what we’ve already seen except for the use of magic.

Those of you who played Demon’s Souls way back in the PS3 days should know what to expect but some of the changes made for the Remake are a 4K 30fps cinematic mode and a 60fps mode with 4K dynamic resolution. The game will also see multiplayer being reworked to make it easier to allow for more players, as well as making the World Tendencies easier to follow and understand.

Demon’s Souls releases exclusively for PlayStation 5 when the console launches in November.

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