You won’t be playing Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on your PS4

Now, I know what you might be thinking… “Well, of course not. It’s an upcoming PS5 game!”. And yes, of course, you’re right. However, (as pointed out in this Push Square article) for a while there, a lot of us thought that other games like Miles Morales and the Sackboy: A Big Adventure would also only be playable on Sony’s new consoles. Yet, both have now been confirmed as also coming to the PS4. So it’s not crazy that some might assume Ratchet and Clank may also be making a similar backwards jump. But no, as per the same article, and the reply you can see below from Insomniac Games’ official Twitter account the Lombax and his mechanical friend are definitely exclusive to the PS5.

And to be honest it makes a lot of sense. While early first impressions of the DualSense controller (and apparently how the new tech is used Sackboy in particular) have been overwhelmingly positive, from what we’ve seen visually so far the new R&C game is the only one that gave many a ‘clearly new generation’ feel. Sure, the cartoony graphics look great, but it was the virtually instantaneous jumps through the ‘rifts’ in Space and Time that we’ve already seen that really show what the SSD-powered machine can do. Unfortunately, that does mean that if you’re an R&C fan and hadn’t been able to pre-order a new-gen console from Sony – you may feel the need to start making some serious space in your budget plan sooner rather than later.

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