PS5 confirms SSD expansion won’t be possible at launch

Back in March, Mark Cerny spent a substantial amount of time giving us quite a detailed technical breakdown of the PS5. If you remember that far back, this was the first time we got any concrete details about the PS5. And while Cerny clearly is a very intelligent man and knows his stuff – many fans’ unrealistic expectations before the presentation and the calm, non-flashy and technical nature of the presentation itself meant it all came across a little dry. At least for some. So you’d be forgiven for missing this bit of information which (as pointed out by Sean Hollister writing for The Verge) Cerny actually mentioned back then: Although SSD expansion will be possible on the PS5 – this may only be available sometime post-launch.

Now, that we’re merely days away from the PS5 hitting homes on a broad scale – the ‘may’ has changed to a ‘will’. In the same article mentioned above Sony confirmed to The Verge: “You won’t be able to expand that blazing-fast SSD storage on day one… and [this] is instead reserved for a future update.” This may sound a little odd – but as explained by Hollister, current M.2 SSDs need further compatibility testing to ensure they are fast enough, small enough and can properly ‘communicate’ with the PS5. It may be that this testing hasn’t even started yet – so it just won’t be ready in time. Whatever the case, let’s hope it takes at least some time before new owners will feel the need to boost their included solid-state drive – and if so they won’t even notice.

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