Initial PS5 reviews are out – here are three early talking points we’ve spotted

The end of last week saw a flurry of hardware and related software reviews going live across gaming sites around the world; Both Xbox and PlayStation. And while we got our very own SA Gamer-flavoured review on the pretty amazing Xbox Series X (If you missed it – be sure to check it out Garth’s review here), it seems overseas outlets have also got their hands on early editions of the PS5. While those of us here in SA wait to try the PS5 out for ourselves, I did notice three rather interesting tidbits that have come out from those early reviews regarding Sony’s latest offering.

1. The PS5 does not have a multi-game Quick Resume equivalent

As Garth pointed out in his review, one of the stand out features of the Xbox Series series it the ability to jump back into several games very quickly (where you left off) without the need to boot up the game. While the PS5 load times are staggeringly fast like the new Xbox it seems – it is missing an equivalent to the Quick Resume feature. I guess the question is… do you really jump between several games at the moment and if so do you need to do it that quickly?

2. PS5 games cannot be transferred onto an external HDD

From what several outlets have said – the option to move games from your internal memory to an external HDD seems to be non-existent. I have to assume this is going to be possible in a future update – but for now, this seems like a rather big bummer (especially considering the size of next-gen games).

3. PS5 has an accurate, retroactive playtime log

One of the smaller but pretty cool features several reviews commented on is the ability to easily check played time per title. Apparently, this log is updated immediately and will include games you played on the PS4.

So those were just a few interesting notes that started hitting the news waves over the weekend. Be sure to keep an eye on SA Gamer for our more detailed hands-on opinions coming soon…

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