Codemasters has just been bought by Take-Two

Codemasters, the UK-based game developer and publisher that is responsible for games like Dirt, Grid, F1, Project Cars and more, has been acquired by Take-Two. The racing game experts was sold for a hefty $980 million in cash and shares.

Both companies say the acquisition is planned to be complete in the first quarter of 2021, after which Codemasters will run within Take-Two’s 2K label. Current CEO Frank Sagnier, CFO Rashid Varachia and the rest of senior management will continue as normal.

Take-Two owns 2K as well as Rockstar, and CEO Strauss Zelnick said that Codemasters’ racing games would be a great fit in their roster of sports games.

“Codemasters has a renowned history of creating some of our industry’s most beloved and commercially successful racing franchises, and we believe that their offerings will be highly complementary to our sports portfolio and enhance further our organization’s long-term growth.”

We just reviewed Dirt 5, which Charlie called the “perfect pick up and play racing game”. Hopefully, the titles don’t end up going for microtransactions or unskippable adverts the way some 2K Sports titles are, though.

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