Xbox Game Pass invites you with chainsaws, puzzles and Destiny 2 this month

Today a lot of people are thinking about Xbox, be it because their Xbox Series X/S is arriving (or on the way) or perhaps gripped by FOMO from watching a bunch of other people enjoying their console being delivered. No matter which camp you fall in, Xbox Game Pass isn’t slowing down for November, with loads to keep you busy.

Yesterday Gears Tactics arrived on the console version of the service, so if you enjoy Gears lore and want to see if turn-based strategy is your thing, this is a great place to try it out.

Today is a big day for Game Pass, with Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Planet Coaster: Console Edition and Tetris Effect giving you some spectacular options for whiling away large swaths of time. It also is the beginning of EA Play being a part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is full of treasures.

If that isn’t enough of your time taken up, on the 17th Ark: Survival Evolved: Explorer’s Edition hits both the PC and console Game Pass. This includes the Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction expansion packs. Goodbye free time!

Here is the full list for the month.

9th November

  • Gears Tactics (console)

10th November

  • Destiny 2: Beyond Light (console)
  • Planet Coaster: Console Edition (console)
  • Tetris Effect: Connected (console & PC)

12th November

  • Final Fantasy 8 Remastered (console & PC)
  • Streets of Rogue (PC)

17th November

  • Ark: Survival Evolved: Explorer’s Edition (console & PC)
  • Halo MCC: Halo 4 (PC)

19th November

  • River City Girls (console & PC)
  • Star Renegades (console)
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