Apex Legends is tweaking Season 7 challenges so you can have a life again

One of the problems with a battle pass, for players rather than the developers, is that they can take up every spare moment you have and still not be satisfied. Apex Legends’ Season 7 battle pass took things a bit too far, with daily challenges that felt more like work than anything else.

Game director Chad Grenier revealed some of the changes to the daily challenges on Twitter. The rewards will be the same, but the requirements are significantly reduced. Some of them are halved.

For example, instead of needing to deal 3,250 damage for a three-star challenge, you need to do 1,500.

Respawn is also changing the weekly challenge and giving players 10 free battle pass levels.

While a battle pass is a great way to get people logging in daily, there is a fine line between having enough to do and making people feel like it is a slog. Hopefully, Apex Legends keeps this in mind for future seasons.

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