If you’re getting a Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. device it will have a small language error

Just a few days ago we brought you the info regarding the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. pre-orders that had just gone live. It’s such an awesome little package if you’re a sucker for Super Mario Bros. nostalgia like I am. However, it is also going to set you back R1,300 – so take that as you will. The device is set to go on sale later this week: 13 November 2020. However, it will come packaged with a small error, oddly related to a song that plays as part of the digital clock’s functions…

As per the official Nintendo page for the retro handheld:

We would like to inform you about an error with one of the digital clock’s 35 little touches in the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. system. Unfortunately, the ‘Mario Drawing’ song (vocalised in English only) that can be accessed by holding the A button, displays an incorrect language’s set of lyrics if German, French, Italian or Spanish is selected from the title screen. English, Dutch and Japanese languages remain unaffected. However, it is possible to change the language of the lyrics shown at any time while the song plays.

Basically, it seems that when you select an alternate language for the lyrics for the Mario Song, namely: German, French, Italian or Spanish, the wires will be crossed. So, for example, selecting German will actually show you some Italian lyrics and so on (there’s a handy table on the site to help with the ‘untangling’). It’s such a small (and oddly specific) issue – and in most countries (including our own) it’s not likely to come up that often, but it’s kind of sweet that Nintendo felt the need to put out the disclaimer pre-launch and assure users that the device would still be hitting stores as previously announced.

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