Banger’s Gate 3 players are really sexing it up

Baldur’s Gate 3 is in Early Access, which means excited fans are trying out as much as possible in Act 1 of the game. And according to info from Larian Studio’s founder Swen Vincke, “trying out” means smooshing parts with NPCs at every opportunity.

Talking to IGN, Vincke said they learnt that something about their players. “They’re all horny, I can tell you that.”

Some players have managed to bed one of the early game villains, which can only be managed if you are evil. So are people just enjoying playing the evil side, or did they just really want some dark elf action? Guess we won’t ever know.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has many options and ways to be evil, whether you are doing it to get laid or not. Vincke said the studio had to push the writers for more evil options. “The writers have a tendency of being good and not putting in the evil options. We had to actually force them to go through everything and put in more contrasting options so that they could put the evil ones in there.”

Some players have been put off by some of the nastiness, thanks to the Early Access version only having limited companions available. “There’s been a group of people complaining about the fact that the companions are snarky and they have to have an opinion. But we’ve only put the ‘evil’ and the ‘neutral’ ones out there. We haven’t put any of the ‘good’ characters in yet, so I think that will balance that.”

Baldur’s Gate has always allowed you to recruit evil companions, and having some bickering in the party really adds to it feeling real. But maybe waiting until your party isn’t full of naysayers that would kill you if they had a chance is a good thing.

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