Grounded’s latest update is here with a full koi pond

Obsidian’s survival game where almost everything in the garden is big enough to eat you just got a new update, this time adding content to the large pond that has been sitting looking very pretty but empty until now.

The koi pond update adds a whole bunch of creatures to the pond area, meaning new threats and new resources for the intrepid explorers to collect and craft. The water flea has been overhauled, but get ready for water boatmen, tadpoles, diving bell spiders and a koi that thinks you look like lunch.

New technology has been added to the crafting tree, with flippers, a diving mask and an underwater lantern. If you like the pond area, you can build a floating dwelling as your new base.

Obsidian says this is just the start of the underwater shenanigans, with a future update planned to add more to the pond and to revamp the lab in the depths.

Once the team is happy with the koi pond, the next step is the garden’s Haze and Sandbox, as well as improving existing areas with better creature behaviour, new points of interest, more materials and places to go exploring.

Obsidian is also shifting the way it handles updates, opting for larger releases with a bigger gap between them. However there will still be monthly updates, but those will fix on stability, polish and bug fixes. More details can be found here.

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