Sony hosted a PS5 launch event at an “Otaku Shrine” in Akihabara

Happy PS5 launch day! Well, er, not for us just yet. Also known as the second day this week we got reminded that we’re poor, and can’t afford the next gen of consoles! Yay!

To cheer you/myself up about the whole thing I thought I’d bring to your attention this slightly cringy bit of news. Last night, in honour of the PS5’s launch, Sony hosted a light show at the Kanda Shrine in Akihabara. No consoles were shown at the event, since all sales are now online and we’re still fighting a pandemic. But there was really great lights!

By using projection mapping, Sony produced a wonderful and aesthetically pleasing light show to celebrate the imminent launch of their new console. But “why at a shrine?” you might be asking, it’s such an arbitrary choice for something like this. Well, Akihabara is famous for being the hub for all things anime, manga and tech-related, and Kanda Shrine is very much included in that.

Even if you’re not a weeb you’ve probably seen or heard of an anime called Love Live! online. The plot is irrelevant to this, but one of the characters (Nozomi Tojo) became the shrine’s official mascot in 2015. So it actually makes some sense for Sony to include this as one of their many launch event venues. I mean, have you seen any platform’s anime game section? Exactly.

What do you think about this? Do you also feel it’s a bit cringe or does the cool lights with a shrine as a backdrop kind of cancel that out? Did you pre-order a console this new gen, or are you waiting to treat yourself sometime in 2021?

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