Sony suspects full move from PS4 to PS5 could take three years

November 19, 2020. That’s the big date PlayStation fans here in SA are waiting for. The PS5 release date. With the seemingly uber-successful launch of the new Xbox earlier this week – local fans are likely keen to get their hands on their pre-ordered PS5s or perhaps already planning their in-line vigil to be one of the first to get them in stores. However, if like me you’re economically less “fluid” than you’d like to be and a new console purchase seems further away than you would like – there may be some good news for you…

As first spotted on IGN, AV Watch recently interviewed Hideaki Nishino, ‘Sony’s SVP of Global Product Strategy and Management’ and according to Nishino, Sony believes that ‘it will take about three years for players to migrate from PS4 to PS5’. Of course, Sony’s goal will be to move you over as quickly as possible. However, as the IGN article pointed out, with the simply staggering install base that the PS4 has, they’re going to want to keep supplying content in one form or another for the older system as long as they can. We’ve already seen a little of this with some PS5 games (first thought to be exclusives) also being backwards compatible with the PS4.

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