Will the PS5/Xbox Series topple the 23-month US sales dominance for the Switch?

With all the big releases around these days – it seems all the talk is about the PS5 and the Xbox Series S/X. As it should be I suppose. However, sometimes here in South Africa, we tend to forget just how small our market share is, and equally how much bigger markets often have very different tastes to us locals. As we know, of late at least, SA is a very PlayStation-centric country. This seems to be changing slightly with Xbox gaining ground seemingly on a daily basis – at least if our comments sections are anything to go by. However, what might surprise you is that neither company has had the biggest selling console (month-on-month) for nearly two years. That honour (according to The Verge) belongs to the Nintendo Switch.

While there are some big Nintendo fans here in SA (present company included) we are somewhat few and far between. In the US (and Japan of course) the demand for the hybrid console has simply been staggering. According to the article mentioned above, October 2020 saw the Switch’s 23rd month as the US’s bestselling console. Just let that sink in for a moment. Now, we know that the PS4 had basically infiltrated everyone’s home by then, but the fact that the Switch held the position for nearly two years is still astonishing. Now the question will be – can it hold out and outsell for November too, especially considering the next-gen consoles launched this month? I somehow doubt it – but, if any of you out there still haven’t given it a look yet – hopefully, this will serve as a bit of a shot in the arm to check it out.

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