Many Hearthstone players are unhappy with the new season pass and its reward track

For the first time in six years, Hearthstone has changed the way players earn gold and it has resulted in quite a bit of confusion and upset in the community. The reason for the anger? The new system gives you less gold than the old one did across a season.

The Hearthstone subreddit is not a happy place to be right now, to the point that there is no way to have any other conversations about the game right now.

Back in August, a leaked survey had information about an experience-based reward track, and players were quick to point out the track only allows for 3,990 gold per expansion, which is a significant drop from what regular play could net. During an AMA on August 11, game director Ben Lee said: “I very specifically mean to identify and clarify that we absolutely intend to maintain the value that players can earn within the game and keep the flexibility of purchases that current rewards provide.”

But now the reward track is here, and the gold per expansion is still low, with the experience requirements for higher levels meaning it would take almost the entire expansion to complete.

Another sticking point is that this system has a paid Tavern Pass, which gives an experience boost and some cosmetics. But this Tavern Pass, a term that has been used to refer to the Battlegrounds perks in the past, is separate and you do not get it in the pre-orders, even the mega bundle.

After all the good strides made in Hearthstone lately, from a healthy meta to fun new modes, this feels like a misstep.

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