Cyberpunk 2077 looks a bit rough on the Xbox One X

There will always be a period where two generations of console run at the same time, with not everyone making the jump just yet, and enough people being on the previous generation that it makes sense to have games there. However as time passes, those games lose features or look steadily worse. In Cyberpunk 2077’s case, it feels like the older consoles look rough just a month after the new generation arrives.

New footage of CD Projekt’s next big game is here, this time showing how it runs on console instead of on a PC. The gameplay shown is from an Xbox One X and an Xbox Series X. The Xbox One X footage isn’t terrible, but it certainly looks rough, and it makes me wonder two things:

How will this look on the Xbox One?

How will this look on the Xbox Series S?

Considering the latest delay to the game was due to getting it running well on the Xbox One and the PS4, not seeing gameplay footage from either of these consoles is slightly worrying. Hopefully something gets shown within the next three weeks.

Besides that, the gameplay on show has me really excited to see how everything pans out, and what it is like to play the game.

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