Minecraft adds a DLC pack from a galaxy far, far away

How strange it is to realise that 2020 marks the first year since 2015 that we don’t get a Star Wars film? I know, right! Five whole years ago we saw Episode VII’s intro crawl across our cinema screens. But now we get to see that same crawl in a rather (un)expected space, Minecraft.

If you’re one of those (like myself) that think the new films aren’t true Star Wars films, but simply takes place in the same universe, then rest assured. This new DLC pack only adds new locations and characters from the original trilogy and The Mandalorian, for now.

From Tatooine to Naboo, you’ll be able to mine your way across 12 planet dioramas that are connected via Hyperspace. But how do you get there? Why, by taking your X-Wing, of course! Multiple space-faring vehicles have been added to the game to ensure a rounded experience. Well, as rounded as you can get in a game about blocks.

Expand your Minecraft to the stars with this Star Wars DLC, which is now available for 1,340 Minecoins in the marketplace. Which is just under $10, if we go by in-game coin bundles.

Now go forth, and prosper! Wait, no. Wrong “Star Series”. Wrong quote, too. You know what I mean!

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