Google Stadia going the Web App route to get onto iOS

We here in SA have no real way of testing google Stadia out and given most of our internet speeds and the tiny size of our market, it’s likely not hitting our shores anytime soon. But it’s clear even to us, that Google’s foray into the streaming video game arena has been rocky, to say the least. However, Stadia has been popping up in the news in slightly more positive light lately and yesterday (according to The Verge) they even announced that they would be making their way on to iOS devices soon.

Of course, thanks to Apple’s strict App rules – it’s virtually impossible for a paid streaming service to get directly onto their store. So as explained in the article above, Stadia will be going a slightly different route. Rather than trying to manoeuvre into the App store while still making some money, they are instead developing an ‘advanced’ web-based App that will run on Safari and allow users to access their Stadia library there. It’s basically the route several other high-profile streaming services are going to get around the App Store, and while it still doesn’t mean we’ll be able to try it out anytime soon – if you have an iPhone, I guess you’re one step closer, right?

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