Got the PlayStation 5 download queue bug? There is a solution now

If you happen to have a game in your PS5’s library that just flat out refuses to download thanks to a bug, there is a workaround now and this one doesn’t require a factory reset of the console.

If you have something “Queued for Download” that never reached the download queue, or see “! View Details” and no error message listed when you look at a game, then you have the download queue bug. It has been around since launch and the only answer was a factory reset. The worst part? That wasn’t a 100% guaranteed fix.

The PlayStation support account has offered a workaround, which involves starting your PS5 in safe mode and choosing to rebuild the database. This should fix the issue.

To get your PS5 in safe mode, it takes the same steps as the PS4: Turn your console off, then turn it on by pressing and holding the power button until you hear the second beep. You will need a controller attached via USB cable to navigate the menus.

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