You can transfer your PS4 save of Marvel’s Spider-Man to PS5 now

While some games have made transferring saves effortless (like the Ubisoft Connect service), on PS5 the ability to transfer your save data is not a given. Insomniac Games has released an update that allows your save data on PS4 to be moved to the PS5 for Marvel’s Spider-Man, letting you continue the journey in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

Insomniac had previously said that the update to allow this would come around Thanksgiving, which falls on the 26th of November.

This should also fix the rest mode crash, for anyone brave enough to leave a device in rest mode on Eskom’s super reliable electricity.

“Just to be clear. You must use the PS4 game to export your save. Remastered cannot see a save until it is exported by the PS4 game. This is the way,” said community director, James Stevenson.

Now you can get swinging with all your progress carrying over for New Game +, or to continue hunting those last collectables and crimes for your platinum trophy.

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