From December most Square Enix Japan employees will be able to work from home permanently

It’s hard to find even the slimmest of silver linings in the dark stormcloud that was the global pandemic that ravaged our planet this last year. But in perhaps one of the (understandably) few positive results stands the virtually earthwide adoption of work-from-home policies for so many businesses – even several of them here in our less-than-internet-ideal land of sunny SA. Of course, as lockdowns have lifted many policies have gone by the wayside – but it seems in Japan at least Square Enix has learned enough to implement more permanent measures.

As first spotted on The Verge, approximately 80% of Square Enix employees (in Japan) will become work-from-home staff meaning they work at least three days per week from home. Speaking to The Verge, Square Enix mentioned work-life balance, increased productivity and future adaptability as some of the main reasons for the new policy. As several people have pointed out on social media this could be really good news for game developers around the world, especially if the trend is more widely adopted because at the moment many developers must move around substantially “following the work” – wherever that may be around the world. We hope this is a step in the right direction and ideally a positive move away from crunch – as long as people manage to set good work vs home boundaries when working in their own abode.

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