Flight Sim 2020 going VR in December

You’re probably into Sim games or you’re not. However, even for those of you out there that aren’t, you’ve no doubt heard about Flight Simulator and probably what a big splash this year’s (2020) edition made when it came out earlier this year. Not only does it feature ‘all the airports in the world‘, but the physical edition is big – ‘10 double-layer DVDs big’! And after several reviews games scored the game in the high 9s and even some 10s – the ridiculous amount of detail and outright realism is virtually unheard of.

Now, according to IGN, you can expect yet another layer of realism as it was announced (during a developer Q&A on Twitch) that the game would be getting VR support on the 22nd of December. According to the article, the support would be coming to all major VR brands and would precede a big UK update due in late January 2021.

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