Mediatonic’s 15th Anniversary blog reveals big Fall Guys numbers

Yesterday, Mediatonic announced that they would be celebrating their 15th anniversary on their blog. Their, now relatively big, independent studio was started back in 2005 by co-founders Dave Bailey and Paul Croft in their final year at Brunel University. It’s worth having a look at their celebratory post if you’re keen to learn more about the flourishing company. However, what stood out for me were the big numbers the post revealed while detailing the success of Fall Guys.

According to the blog, the smash bean-fueled battle-royale platformer hit has now “sold over 11 million copies on PC and officially become the most-downloaded PlayStation Plus game ever”. The game also has one of the best social media teams and is up for several awards at the upcoming Game Awards show to be held later this month. A show where we’ve even been promised more Fall Guys reveals. If you’re a fan of the game like we are here at SA Gamer it’s great to see indie studios celebrating their wins, especially when they seem so thankful to the players of their games while doing so.

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