Yakuza: Like a Dragon patch lets you see elemental weakness in battles

Yakuza: Like a Dragon did quite a lot right with the move over to a turn-based JRPG, but one fiddly element has just been fixed in the latest patch. Namely, enemies will now have in-battle indications of their weaknesses.

For some reason, the Japanese version of the game indicated the weaknesses during a fight, but the Western release did not. Considering how later battles really drag on, you want to target weaknesses to try and end the fight a bit faster.

Now little icons will tell you if an enemy is weak to fire, or slashing attacks. Then you know the best use of your turn without trying an attack to see if that was the weakness of the enemy or not.

Once you defeat an enemy, you can look at your Sujidex to see weaknesses and drops, but that information can’t be reached during a fight.

The patch also adds Upstart Assistance Pack 2, which has a few crafting ingredients and a nurse costume for Nanba.

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