Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama is making a new game studio

Silent Hill creator and director Keiichiro Toyama has left PlayStation after 20 years, opting to form Bokeh Game Studio. The new studio has a video that goes into the reasons that the developers went independent and what they aim to create.

Some notable names at the studio include Kazunobu Sato, producer of The Last Guardian and Junya Okura, lead designer of Gravity Rush. Okura, who is now game director at Bokeh, said: “Until now, there was a company providing us with a work environment, where we would decide what to do from there. As we turn independent, we have to prepare everything ourselves. It is hard, there are responsibilities, but we have our freedom. This is the most important. I want to enjoy creating from now on.”

Toyama also has director credits on Siren and Gravity Rush. He says that he wants to “fulfil our fans’ expectations”, but also wants to “go back and enjoy how fun it is to make games.”

There is no information on what Bokeh Game Studio is working on, but it will surely be a studio to follow.

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