Blizzard: Shadowlands is fastest-selling PC game of all time

To say that people were excited about the next expansion for World of Warcraft feels like an understatement. According to Blizzard, Shadowlands achieved a sales record with more units sold through on the first day of launch than any other PC game, sitting at 3.7 million units on day one.

The previous record-holder is another Blizzard title. Diablo 3 broke records when it sold through 3.5 million copies on the first day of release.

Back in November, Blizzard revealed that the expansion had more pre-sales than any other WoW expansion, and Blizzard also says player engagement has reached its highest levels in a decade with the release.

This isn’t even limited to one side of the world, with both West and East sides seeing the highest number of players in the lead-up to the expansion in comparison to other expansions. Total player in-game time this year to date is nearly double compared to the same period last year.

Shadowlands Season 1 starts today, meaning rated PVP, mythic keystone dungeons and the Normal and Heroic difficulties of the first raid all start.

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