It’s Wardens vs Marauders in the new League of Legends skin reveal

It’s nearly the end of the year, and if you’re like me you’re probably a little surprised Riot hasn’t released Christmas skins for its champions yet. Nonetheless, they recently revealed warden and marauder cosmetics for some underappreciated characters, which is very much welcomed. We can never have too many badass-looking female warriors.

The LoL community seems to be welcoming these additions with a surprising amount of enthusiasm as well. Some of these champions have gone nearly 3 years without a cosmetic update, which is a lifetime in MOBA terms. Doubly so for Riot.

Representing the Wardens is Quinn and Gragas, while the Marauders sees the addition of Kalista, Kled, and Xin Zhao.

Along with these skins Riot released a new Warden-focused novel based on Garen and patch notes that detail a whole load of buffs, and extra skins coming to the game on the 10th of December. Including a Prestige edition of Queen Diana, if you needed any more reasons to load up the game.

Riot will most probably still release festive themed cosmetics for all their games in the coming weeks. So get ready to don those Christmas hats and hang those candy canes on your weapons!

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