Xbox reveals Game Pass engagement was huge in November

We (like so many outlets out there) have spoken about how great the Xbox Game Pass service is a number of times. It’s undoubtedly becoming more and more popular and players entering the ‘Microsoft gaming ecosystem’ via the service is likely growing daily. And thanks to the launch of Xbox’s new console generation last month – engagement numbers soared. As revealed by Jerret West, CVP of Microsoft Gaming (in a news article posted on the site) ‘November 2021 saw a jump of more than double when compared to November 2020 in Xbox Game Pass monthly engagement numbers’.

The article also reveals that 40% of the people that signed up to Xbox for the first time in November were on the new Xbox Series S. If this number is anything to go by, it may just prove that Xbox’s strategy for targeting a lower price point is paying off nicely, especially when combined with the Game Pass service. And just to show you how staggeringly big video games are (no matter where you play them) West also revealed that ‘billions (that’s Billions with a “b”) of hours had been spent on Xbox consoles in November alone’, playing over 3,800 different games. Now if those numbers don’t boggle the mind, I’m not really sure what will.

For more detailed info be sure to check out the original article here.

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