Hunters prepare – Monster Hunter Rise demo coming January

Prepare yourselves hunters and stand ready to protect Kamura Village. With the return of Monster Hunter to a Nintendo console, veterans of the franchise will see that this next instalment resembles the older titles, before the age of Monster Hunter World. However, unlike the older titles, this new instalment will implement the open-world hunting area that we’ve welcomed in MH World, and not the zoned off areas found in older titles. What’s more is that Rise will not only introduce a new hunting companion, new monsters and new tools, but also a new way of movement…vertically.

The games set for release next year March 2021 for the Nintendo Switch with a Demo announced for January 2021. Check out the trailer below with some icy and flashy new monsters we’ll be facing. And as always, good luck out there hunters, may your blades forever remain sharp.

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