SA Gamer Awards 2020 – Best Indie

I love the indie games category in any game awards event. During the year, indies tend to get ignored or completely overlooked thanks to numerous AAA titles taking the spotlight as they get released into the wild. And this category gives them the 5 minutes of limelight they so rightfully deserve. That said, our winner definitely didn’t go unnoticed this year! It was a unanimous vote from the SA Gamer team, and it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you either.


Fall Guys

Unsurprising to anyone in the room, Fall Guys takes the crown! It was quite the close call with Among Us for “meme-iest” game, but we went with what sparked the most joy. The way Fall Guys somehow got us to try again, and again, while also keeping each round reasonably interesting and enjoyable is quite a feat to achieve. Let’s not forget to mention how absolutely adorable the beans are! Being able to dress up as Gordon Freeman with a face-hugger hat while you literally jump through hoops already gets the win.

Runner-up: Spiritfarer

Honourable mentions: Hades, Among Us, Going Under, Ooblets and Cloudpunk

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