SA Gamer Awards 2020: Biggest Turd

Although the biggest turd of the year goes to Covid-19, that is, unfortunately, not a video game. So, if we had to discuss a video game for this year that would indeed fit this category, it would easily go to a game that tries to be something different, but just can not grasp that principal.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

A ‘battleground’ for many players on its own. WWE 2K Battlegrounds tries to bring a different spin on the wrestling scene. Although what may seem charming and cute at first, especially with its cartoon styled aesthetics, soon becomes something that you’d just like to throw away. And no, not out of the ring, but rather out into the ocean. A lot of the more fun items, especially when customising your characters, are locked behind a paywall. In some cases, even unlocking the most popular wrestlers are locked behind microtransactions. All this followed by a rather shallow story and eventually, the same button-mashing inputs just throw this game into our Biggest Turd of 2020.

Runner-Up: Marvel Avengers

Honourable mentions: Spellbreak

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