SA Gamer Awards 2020: Best AR/VR Game

This is always a tough category to judge appropriately. While Virtual Reality is obviously becoming a bigger and bigger sector, at the moment, the equipment to play the very best stuff is still out of reach for most. Then you consider the related fields of Augmented and even Mixed Reality (AR and MR) and it becomes even more complicated. And while it could easily be argued that this year we finally saw a game in Half-Life: Alyx, which could prove to be a true watershed moment for the VR genre – as none of the SA Gamer team has been able to actually play the game – we had to broaden our search and instead chose something a little simpler but nonetheless ingenious in its own way. And with that out of the way, the winner is…

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

With Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, Nintendo has once again managed to make something rather special. By combining one of their trademark franchises, some interesting use of AR tech and physical toys they have produced a really exciting “video game brought to life” that we’re sure both kids and the young-at-heart would love to play with. And while price (especially here in SA) will definitely hamper its appeal, this remains a remarkable piece of tech AND a magical toy. A special combination that brings something to the table that I think almost nothing has in the past. Check out our review here.

Honourable mentions: Half-Life: Alyx, Iron Man VR,

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