SA Gamer Awards 2020: Biggest Surprise

Surprises were rife this year with March being a changing point in our lives here in South Africa and going into lockdown. To the surprise of Cyberpunk being delayed…okay that wasn’t a surprise to many, but the surprise that it was released this year was mindboggling. Especially since it been released with Disney’s sequel of ‘A Bugs Life’. On a serious note though, our biggest surprise has come in the form of the wackiest looking characters you’ll find around. And they come in the form of a bean.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Quite possibly one of this year’s biggest surprises is Fall Guys. The game that everyone and their entire family has played. A battle royale game where players play as beans and go up against 59 other players in various obstacle courses. All to acquire the crown and claim your spot as the Ultimate bean. This game needs no introduction as I’m sure everyone’s seen and heard about it. With a catchy upbeat and vibey soundtrack, addictive and more so chaotic gameplay that often requires not much skill and the ability to throw other players of a platform and steal their victory, what more can you ask for in a battle royale and video game in 2020?

Runner-up: Animal Crossing

Honourable mentions: Super Mario 35, Among Us, Game and Watch, Minecraft Dungeons.

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