SA Gamer Awards 2020 – Best Realistic Visuals

The Last of Us II

Ellie and Co. take the realistic cake? What a surprise!

Let’s be honest, Abby’s arms alone won the “most realistic” award for this game but how could we forget the famous rope physics of 2020? All jokes aside, TLOU2 did an astounding job at being not only a narratively spectacular game but also being a virtual feast for the eyes. Apart from the collectables that you were sure to look for, each scene had so much detail and care put into them that it felt near-impossible to truly appreciate a sequence with only one playthrough.

The time and effort the team at Naughty Dog put into really maximizing the work with motion capture is what gave TLOU2 that authenticity you look for in game characters. And, of course, the voice acting done to breathe life into each character was just *Chef’s Kiss*.

Runner-up: Ghost of Tsushima

Honourable Mentions: Final Fantasy VII Remake, DOOM Eternal, Nioh 2

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