SA Gamer Awards 2020 – Best Stylised Visuals

Video games are works of art. It’s a medium so many developers use to tell an important story, but the art style is ultimately what helps sell the game in the end. We eat with our eyes, after all. So what game was the most pleasing aesthetic and stylised in 2020?


There were quite a few exceptional contenders in this category this year, but ultimately the never-ending prison break roguelike, Hades, won out. And a well-deserved win, too. But what else would you expect from the creators of highly praised games like Bastion and Transistor?

From the start of the game, until your very last breath, you are greeted with beautifully stylised renditions of the Greek mythos, in ways we have never seen them before. The art director for the game, Jen Zee, even admitted in a BAFTA interview that each character would have looked a lot different if she was allowed to go ahead with drawing them completely nude. They instead stuck with a theme of “intellectually sexy”, and I have to admit that it translated well into the game.

Runner-Up: Spiritfarer

Honourable Mentions: Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Immortals Fenyx Rising

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