SA Gamer Awards 2020: Best Multiplayer

In a year where we were told to stay at home for our own safety, many of us found ourselves gravitating to multiplayer games in order to have some social interactions with our friends and loved ones. Thankfully, we were spoiled for choice from a selection of games to play both with friends and strangers. But which game managed to grab the crown of being the best multiplayer game of 2020?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Probably part of the success of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was the fact that is was free on PlayStation Plus, allowing many of us to try out the silly looking game about a bunch of beans on their never-ending quest for more crowns. The Battle-Royale style platformer is colourful, friendly and above all else fun. Especially if you play with a couple of friends. Top that off with some great community support and a lot of updates and additions, and we have ourselves a great little multiplayer title that will be enjoyed for some time to come.

Runner-up: Among Us

Honourable mentions: Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nioh 2, Rogue Company

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