What video games did you play over the holidays?

Can you believe that we’re already nearly two weeks into the new year!? And after the trainwreck that 2020 turned out to be, we’re all hoping for a brighter 2021 – but if the first 10 days or so are anything to go by we may be gritting our teeth for a little longer. But instead of lingering on the negative, let’s start the new year with something positive… talking about video games!

Many of us were lucky enough to have some time off over the last few weeks and while big family gatherings and/or relaxing at the coast may not have been possible – hopefully, you could still turn to games to bring a smile to your face while you were away from the daily toil of work. So what games did you play? Did you return to one of your favourites? Did you finally beat that lengthy RPG you’ve been playing for ages? Or was it all about the multiplayer mayhem in your household?

Let’s share in the comments section below…

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