Nintendo just revealed a new 3D World trailer and a special edition Mario Switch

Image Courtesy: Nintendo

Nintendo was in a revealing mood yesterday, as we got our first look at what’s on the horizon for the new year. First up, we got another trailer for the upcoming Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury game. While we’ve been getting used to some pretty standard, straight-up 1:1 ports of good WiiU games as Nintendo does their best to make as much money on these (actually rather great) games that got stuck on the previous console, this time around it seems we’re getting what seems to be a significant addition – namely: “Bowser’s Fury“. However, up until today, we weren’t really sure what that was going to be. Now it seems we’re teaming up with Bowser Jnr and taking on a rather angry metal-head fire Bowser in a beautifully detailed 3D World…

And if that wasn’t enough Mario-goodness for one day, their Twitter accounts then revealed a new Mario Red & Blue Edition Switch as the next part of their 35th anniversary celebration. The new edition will be hitting stores mid-Feb (at least overseas) and features a red Switch console, a red dock and blue Joy-Con grip (which with red Joy-Cons added gives a real dungaree look) and some pretty cool -looking straps. Sure, it’s probably not going to be enough to get you to buy another Switch – but it might just get some more people that were sitting on the fence (or rather edge of the pool) to finally taking the plunge. Don’t you love mixed metaphors?

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