Ubisoft announces upcoming open-world Star Wars game signalling end of exclusive EA deal

When you talk about Star Wars games you often get a wide range of opinions. While almost everyone has a favourite game set in a galaxy far, far away – the quality of games has varied greatly. And perhaps no period has been more controversial than that of the last few years in which EA has held exclusive rights to the games. It’s true that Fallen Order and Squadrons have gone some way to repairing their image – it’s hard to argue against people who say that EA has missed out on doing some really special things with the series. Well, it seems things are about to change.

Yesterday, the freshly exhumed ‘Lucasfilm Games’ announced that they would be joining forces with Ubisoft Studio Massive Entertainment on a “brand-new, story-driven, open-world Star Wars adventure”.

There’s a nice breakdown of the announcement and an interview with Massive Entertainment’s managing director David Polfeldt and their creative director, Julian Gerighty on Ubisoft’s site here. While the game is not likely due anytime soon, and as many (including Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier) have pointed out on social media, what it does indicate is that EA will not have their exclusivity deal extended beyond their current contract. That being said EA were quick to confirm that they will still be working on Star Wars content going forward – so will likely still see that Fallen Order sequel at some point.

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