New Pokémon Snap trailer gives us a look at the Lental Region

Yesterday, we got a new trailer and more information about the upcoming New Pokémon Snap game published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company and developed by Bandai Namco. Check it out below…

The original Pokémon Snap launched two decades ago on N64, and Nintendo family-friendly response to the on-rails first-person shooter genre gained quite a following, thanks to some unique peripheral options (including special booths for printing real photos of your captured critters) and of course a rather popular cast of those same pocket monsters that had taken the world by storm. The new game is already generating quite a lot of buzz and in this first proper look we not only meet a Professor Mirror, but we are also invited to explore the new Lental Region and it’s unique Illumina phenomenon. If want to have an even more detailed look be sure to check out the official site here. You can look forward to playing the (slightly boringly named) New Pokémon Snap on the 30th of April 2021.

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