Plane shifting The Medium gets a live-action trailer

Bloober Team’s upcoming horror game The Medium got the live-action trailer treatment. The studio is best known for making Layers of Fear and Blair Witch and now we join a protagonist who can move between the real world and the spirit world like a plane shifting savant.

There is a lot of screaming, things turning to ash and blowing away, creepy looking bugs and more on show here as our heroine delves into a large building. Oh and for good measure, there are monsters running down hallways, one bigger than the building and a kid in a creepy mask.

Not much of it makes sense, but it is definitely full of style and mystery. You know, those things that draw you into horror games before making you scream and wish you hadn’t played the game so late at night.

The Medium will be out on January 28 on PC and Xbox Series.

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