A whole bunch of release dates got scrubbed from the CES 2021 trailer

During Sony’s CES 2021 keynote, a whole bunch of third-party PS5 exclusives were shown with release dates. Now those release dates have been quietly scrubbed away, disappearing from the end of the trailer.

The sizzle reel gave us a few things to look forward to in 2021, as well as knowledge that some things had been pushed out of the current year. For example Capcom’s Pragmata (2023), Square Enix’s Project Athia (January 2022), Stray (October 2021), Kena: Bridge of Spirits (March 2021), Solar Ash (June 2021) Little Devil Inside (July 2021) and Ghostwire Tokyo (October 2021). Meanwhile Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart and Horizon Forbidden West sat with vague no date, just a “2021” sitting next to them.

It seems some of this information was shared before it was supposed to be, or perhaps these were just the targeted windows that these games were aiming for, because the small print has been cleaned up from the trailer. Considering Sony could have made a bigger noise about these dates rather than having them in the small print right at the end, it seems like someone messed up and we shouldn’t have seen those dates.

Now does this mean the dates were wrong, or were they right on the money and Sony jumped too early? We won’t know until either a dev speaks up, or Sony comments on it.

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