There’s just under a week left for the world to defeat 3.5 million Bowsers

About a week ago, Nintendo announced that a new ‘World Count Challenge’ would be coming to their old-school-meets-the-modern-age take on battle royale, Super Mario Bros. 35. Back in October, I wrote down some of my early impressions of the game (which you can read here) and while I still haven’t captured that first-place finish yet, I still find myself jumping back into the game on a regular basis even if it’s for just a few minutes/rounds at a time.

Well, if you haven’t downloaded the game (it’s free if you have an online subscription) remember you only have until the end of March before Nintendo removes it (for an as of yet unexplained reason). And the good news is that if you download it now, you can join the first of these World Count Challenges. The set-up for this one is basically that players from around the world have just about a week to defeat as many Bowsers as possible. If we manage to hit that magical 3.5 Million mark – all players that contributed to the win (i.e. defeated at least one Bowser during the Challenge) will apparently be awarded some My Nintendo Platinum Points. And if taking on a simply ridiculous number of Bowsers isn’t enough to get you into the game, probably nothing will.

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